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It’s a fact…
NOW is the perfect time to take your place at the table and profit from a REVOLUTIONARY trading style that option traders are falling in love with…


Let’s face it. Over 90% of all equity option traders lose money. A lot of money.

The ones that do well, are selling options but are happy with small gains on each trade.

Sure 1-2% on a covered call or 3-5% on a naked put is easy money…

but what if you could make 10X the money with less risk???

You might think it is impossible, but we have been doing that for almost a decade now. And for the first time ever, we are having a one day live training to explain exactly what we are doing to achieve results that other traders and “gurus” only dream of.

So WHY should you trade options on futures?

That’s what we will cover in the training…but to answer in one word….LEVERAGE.

Futures are more leveraged than stocks.

So you can make 10x the money in a shorter time.

But that also means you can lose more…that is why we will show you how to protect yourself.

In fact, we will prove to you with overwhelming evidence….that trading options on futures, is safer than trading options on stocks. And more fun, and more lucrative!

Cha ching baby!

You have
  • More liquidity
  • ​A great Margin of Safety on each trade
  • ​Amazing potential return
  • ​Don't have to worry about ay of the nonsense that impacts stock prices - earning, competitors, short sellers, etc. 
  • ​Super high probability that all trades will win even if you are wrong on the direction
When you trade options in a way that the trade is tilted so far in your favor that you can totally mess it up and still have the trade be profitable, you cannot help but be a better trader.

In other words, you are putting the ODDS IN YOUR FAVOR on every single trade.

It takes literally less than 30 minutes to enter and manage all your trades from anywhere in the world.

But what about results?

We show you how to be super conservative and still aim to make 10% a month.

It doesn’t matter what the stock market is doing…we still aim for 10% a month, every month.

 Here’s Just Some Of The Topics We Will Cover…
  • How To Make Over 100% A Year In A Small Account... With Proof!
  • ​The One Indicator That Alerts You In Advance That The Market Is About To Drop.
  • The Greatest Pitfall of All Futures Traders…and How To Avoid It.  - Ignore this and we guarantee you will lose money.
  • The FREE Way To Hedge Your Portfolio Against A Market Crash Or Another 9/11 Type Event Where The Markets Are Closed For Days.
  • ​The #1 Simplest, Easiest, and Best Futures Market To Trade
  • ​The 3 “Protections Against Loss” that Futures Traders Have and Stock Traders Wish They Had
  • ​Side By Side Trade Examples that show why futures options are safer and more lucrative than stock options.
The best thing is, that you don’t have to change what you are doing now if you don’t want to. Just ADD this to it to be more profitable.

If you already know how to trade options, this is a no-brainer for you.

At the Live Event we will show you ...

  • How futures options differ from stock options.
  • ​What futures are best to trade for option sellers.
  • How To Spend less than 30 minutes a day on your trading.
  • ​Easily make better returns than what your financial planner or mutual fund can get you.
  • ​Be as conservative or aggressive as you wish.
  • ​Generate monthly and even weekly income.
  • Win on the majority of your trades. 
The end result is to turn you into a more CONFIDENT, CONSISTENT, and SUCCESSFUL investor.

Because when you know how to step into the markets and just extract CASH FLOW, no matter what the economy, job market, government or even the markets are doing…it changes you.

You feel better about yourself. You walk taller, back straighter.

You are happier and have more peace of mind, because you are no longer worried about the mundane, annoying things of life like bills, debt, and upcoming expenses.

At fancy restaurants and stores you won’t even bother to look at the prices.

You are the envy of all your friends…and what man doesn’t secretly desire to trade for a living?

You are a hero to your children and spouse…3 vacations a year? Private school tuition? No problem.

When you have the time and the money to do what you love…there are no boundaries: start your own charity, volunteer, travel, start a new business, go back to school, pay off your debts, help your kids with their finances, anything your heart desires!

That’s why learning how you can explode your trading results using high-probability trades that just work…
month after month… could be the golden ticket you need to create YOUR best life.

If that sounds good to you…
You Need to Attend This Transformational Virtual Event on July 30th!
Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn in one life-changing day…
  • The Best 2 Strategies for Futures Option Sellers-backed up with real money tests!
  • ​Discover the actual LAW that dictates how Futures prices move to make your trading easier.
  • ​Which futures markets are uncorrelated to the stock market to add diversification to your trading.
  • How to choose the probability of profit on every trade. What % do you want? 70%, 80%, 90%? You choose.
If you’re seriously committed to stop worrying about money and really take your investments to the next level…you need to attend this virtual event.


This 1-Day Virtual Event Includes:
  • Allen will break down everything you need to know to leverage your current assets to generate a passive income of hundreds to thousands of dollars every month, while taking all questions LIVE!
  • How to Double Your Money Every Year: The exact trading model that's turning our clients from trading beginners into multi 6-figure earners while trading 30 minutes or less a day so they can spend their time on the things they actually enjoy.
  • ​How Anyone Can Trade with High Probability...Even if They're Scared of Options: A simple structure that will allow you to overcome imposter syndrome & offer a crazy life-changing program while you're working remotely from anywhere in the world – your bedroom, office, or on a beach...
  • The Elegant, Simple Solution to Setting Up Your High Probability Trades: How to instantly start winning on the overwhelming majority of your trades. Increase your trade win rate by at least 30% to 60% practically overnight by making this 1 instant tweak in your trading.

Meet Your Trainers For This Transformational Event!


Head Trainer at Option Genius

Allen Sama

Allen is an author and a trading coach specializing in high probability trading. He started trading once he was laid off from the only “real” job he ever had and only got serious in trading once he vowed to his wife that he would either become profitable in 3 months or go back into the workforce. Since then, he has used what he calls Passive Trading to be able to make more in a day than he was used to making in an entire year.

This path was far from easy, and Allen openly shares his trials and tribulations of overcoming severe frustration, hundreds of losing trades, and losing well over $40,000 in just one year alone.

Now he’s on a mission to help free people from their mundane jobs and soul sucking work so they can experience Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Choice Freedom to do what they want, when they want!

Kye Harris

Kye Harris is the Director of Perron Financial Group and host of international podcast ‘It’s More than Money’.  Kye has been sharing his craft in the Financial Services sector for 20 years.

Kye’s passion is to discover subconscious beliefs around money and how people
define a successful and fulfilling life, challenging the traditional measures of success, both personal and financial. 

Kye shares openly and candidly his personal money story and what he has learned from hundreds of people he has guided in his career, discovering that once you dig into your own beliefs around money, you too can find abundance and true fulfilment in life.

Kye will ask you to challenge your own money story and create awareness of what beliefs serve you and what beliefs are limiting you. He will share strategies for how you can reframe the role money has for you so you see that the purpose of money is to help us fulfill what we want in life, rather than the pursuit of money being our purpose behind everything we do.


 Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host of
'It's More Than Money' and Business Owner of 'Perron Financial Group'


Certified High Performance Coaching™

Justin Boyum

Justin is a US Army Veteran and High Performance Coach. He helps high level leaders & entrepreneurs clearly identify their targets & develop plans & systems that allow them to achieve their goals faster without working overtime or becoming stressed.

His clients are driven & successful leaders in the Military or Corporate America, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners. They experience success above standard norms consistently over the long term while maintaining high levels of well being and flourishing relationships.

Justin served in the US Army where he earned the Army Commendation Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom. After leaving Active Duty, he supported Corporate America in growing teams, recruiting, sales & more.

Now he is a Certified High Performance Coach and a member of less than 1000 elite level personal & professional coaches worldwide.

Mystery Speaker

This 19 year old is kicking butt and taking names… As one of 6 siblings financial independence was something she never thought she’d have. 

Since she started High Probability Trading she has been averaging 10% on her trades and she is now on track to retire before age 30


 She’ll tell you exactly what she did at the live event.   
Now is the time for you to decide.
Do you want to stay stuck in the same hamster wheel of frustration and uncertainty about how to master your finances and finally become a consistently profitable trader? How about this instead… 

Meet with us from the comfort of your own home and discover exactly how to make THIS year into YOUR year!

If you’re ready to embrace options trading and turn it into a fun and profitable and side hustle…

Although you want to make sure that you attend live to get your questions answered, if you cannot make it, grab the recordings because this is something you are not going to want to miss.

Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now!

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